Saturday, March 13, 2010

The First Seam

I have actually started sewing this quilt! I sewed one seam!

It was tricky figuring out where I had left off. I had a set of pieces I cut out, but I didn't remember what square they were for! I looked through the design files until I found the correct one. Then I had the challenge of figuring out what square went where. I added numbers to the squares in the design, and then wrote the numbers on surgical tape and stuck the tape to the pieces.

Finally, I sewed my first seam. It joined a couple of the smaller pieces just above the center line of the square and a bit to the right. The pieces were the right size, and I carefully sewed right on the quarter-inch line. But the combined pieces were too short! By about 1/8 inch. So I took the seam out and tried again. Finally, on the 4th try, I got the pieces to end up the correct length.

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