Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Top is Done!

The top of the Stars and Squares quilt is done!

The borders were more difficult than I had expected.  I had finished a set of borders a few months ago, but when I went to attach them to the main part of the top, I found that each square of the border was 2 7/8 inches wide instead of 3 inches.  The cumulative error was too much to work with.  I had to remake the borders.

When I sewed the first new border to the main section, I found the edges did not line up.  Some of the blocks were not exactly 9 inches wide.  Fortunately, they were all smaller than that.  So, I had to identify where the narrow blocks were, undo a seam in the border, slice off a bit of one square, and sew the border back together.  Actually, it wasn't really that much of a pain.

Now all I have to is quilt it and bind it.